Enquiries: helen@customdesignerwigs.com.au
Enquiries: helen@customdesignerwigs.com.au
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My Alopecia Journey

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Hi, I’m Helen Cecily, 

This is me with my own hair back in 2013, around about the time that my alopecia kicked into overdrive.  I have always had alopecia, as a child I had a few bald patches that grew back quite quickly.  One was just after our family had a car accident, and the other when I hit puberty.

Over the course of the next three years, I experienced significant hair loss. A couple of years later I ended up losing every last hair.  At the time I was working in the fashion industry as a designer and stylist.  An industry that is totally focused on appearance.  I took a deep breath, withdrew from fashion and took a break.

After quite a long adjustment period, I bought myself a human hair wig, which changed my life.  I felt like me again and able to tackle anything.

I now live in Western Australia’s north west, where it’s really HOT in summer. The designer in me started Custom Designer Wigs, where I’m designing wigs that stay on your head comfortably and are cool to wear.  In 40+ degree heat wearing a wig feels like putting on a hat and scarf to me. A problem I’ve solved.

Helen with wig
This is me now, with micro bladed eyebrows, holding a lovely human hair wig from 
Custom Designer Wigs.

♡ Helen